If you are a nonprofit or social entrepreneur making positive social change in the Philadelphia area and beyond—we want to work with you. We work with our clients to understand the current social media landscape. We provide consulting and training in social media platforms, strategies and analytics free of charge.

  Bill Wolff (Director), Sophia Galvan, Carly Montecalvo (Fellow), Delaine Karcanes, Cory Blazer, and Alyssa Trybus in our photo booth at the Philly Farm and Food Fest, April 2017.

Bill Wolff (Director), Sophia Galvan, Carly Montecalvo (Fellow), Delaine Karcanes, Cory Blazer, and Alyssa Trybus in our photo booth at the Philly Farm and Food Fest, April 2017.

The Beautiful Social Research Collaborative consists of students and faculty in the Department of Communication Studies. Students enrolled in COM 441 Social Media and Community Engagement and COM 442 Nonprofit Communications become consultants for the enterprise while studying advanced topics in social media research and applying current theories and practices in semester-long team-based projects with community partners.

A generous grant from the John Cardinal Foley Program for Media and Civic Engagement supports the collaborative and the work of three student fellows who mentor the project teams. Foley Fellows also work with prospective clients to ensure that our upcoming projects are successful.  The Spring 2018 Fellows are Taylor Burke, Caitlin Gillard, Carly Montecalvo, and Abbey Piro.

The collaborative is directed by Bill Wolff, assistant professor in the Department of Communication Studies.


Communication Studies @ Saint Joe's

communication technologies, they also participate. Students have access to cutting-edge resources as they make and reflect upon media and in the process they acquire important skills in creative design, authentic collaborative, and innovative entrepreneurship. The major prepares students for careers in digital media including web content strategy and design, social media/community management, and multimedia journalism. 

Communication Studies students acquire a solid grounding in the study of digital communications while exploring current ideas, spaces, and practices that are shaping society today, including digital storytelling, video composition, still photography, and social media campaigns. A hallmark of the Communication Studies curriculum is the emphasis on both theory and practice. Not only do students study what is happening at the forefront of emerging


Members of Team TCCWB (from left: Carly Montecalvo, Danielle Godfrey, Bridget Moran, and Fellow Tor Lydon) with Catherine Early (near right) interviewing a foster family in Wichita Fall, Texas, September 2016.

The B:Social Executive Team


Carly Montecalvo, Fellow

Carly is a junior Communications major with an Advertising & Promotions Minor from Berwick, PA. She is the President of the American Marketing Association and a sister of Alpha Gamma Delta. When she wants to get away from it all, Carly turns to running, fishing, photography, travel, and anything to cure her sweet tooth! 


Abbey Piro, Fellow

Abbey is a junior Communications major with minors in Journalism and Entertainment Marketing. Outside of school, she loves coaching youth sports and volunteering back home in Virginia. In summer 2017, Abbey interned at Make-A-Wish Mid-Atlantic in Marketing and Communications. She loves photography, graphic design, music, and writing. 


Bill Wolff, Director

Bill is an Assistant Professor of Communication Studies and Digital Media at Saint Joseph's University, where he teaches classes on nonprofit communications, digital storytelling, social media, and web design. Prior to joining SJU, he was an Associate Professor of Writing Arts at Rowan University. He holds a PhD from The University of Texas at Austin, an MA from the University of Cincinnati, and a BA from Union College (NY). He lives in Media, PA, with his wife, Wendy, and sons, Hydan and Seeger, and with them he enjoys spending time together fishing, hiking, biking, skiing, going to music festivals, and just being out in nature. And, of course, attending as many Springsteen concerts as possible. Though he teaches and studies digital media, he prefers vinyl, typewriters, and film photography. He's (very slowly) trying to learn to play the banjo. Find him @billwolffsju.

Former Foley Fellows

Samantha DiGuiseppe
Michael Chmiewlski
Nicole Enderica
Emily Smedly
Victoria Lydon
Anna McCarthy
Molly McDonald
Caroline DeFelice


Caitlin Gillard, Fellow

Caitlin is a junior Communications major and Psychology minor from Alexandria, VA. She is a station manager and DJ for Radio 1851, a participant in the weekly service program, and a member of the Ultimate Frisbee team. Off campus, she enjoys exploring cities, listening to music, and her dog, Dewey. 


Taylor Burke, Fellow

Taylor is a Junior Communications Major, with minors in Leadership, Ethics, and Organization (LEO) and Art, from West Chester, PA. She is a Weekly Service CPC, the Event Fundraising chair for Relay for Life, and a sister of Alpha Omicron Pi. Taylor loves playing with her two dogs and enjoys reading blogs and spending time outside.


(from top left) Gabby Gorman, Sophia Galvan, Tara LaBarca, Pat Flanagan, Meg Ginsberg, Maureen Devlin, Kaeleigh Hogan
Katie O'Brien, Emily Phalon, Dominique LaQuis, Taylor Burke, Grace Sanford, Molly McDonald (Fellow), Danielle Prioleau
Abbey Piro, Cass Muratore, Anna Smollen, Caroline DeFelice (Fellow), Madison Auer, Lauren Jett, Jess Cavallero, Becky Barus

Spring 2017


(from top left) Nicole Nolting, Eric Ruvo, Carolyn Pinto, Kellie O'Brien, Sophia Galvan, Richard Bell, Danielle Godfrey,
Cory Blazer, Imani Brisco
Hailey Miller, Caitlin Ryan, Katy Kronberg, Alyssa Trybus, Lauren Fick, Delaine Karcanas,
Carly Montecalvo (Fellow), Anna McCarthy (Fellow)
Tor Lydon (Fellow), Molly McDonald (Fellow), Alexandra Weber, Caroline Neupauer, Caroline DeFelice, Jane Ricciardi,
Maggie McHale, Caitlin Gillard

Fall 2016

(from top left) Bridget Moran, Danielle Godfrey, Abbey Piro, Danielle D'Achille, Caitlyn Sottile, Boyd Huffman, Michael Farrell
Lizzie Fuller, Emily Bogansky, Dana Mangrelli
Kelly Smith, Sophie Werner, Marie LeVie, Anne McCarthy (Fellow), Tor Lydon (Fellow), Charlie Coghlin
Meg Doherty, Alex Catanzariti, Carly Montecalvo, Gabe Angeles, Elena Zecchino, Caitlin Gillard, Becky Hartman

The Beautiful Social Award for Civic Engagement

Established in 2017 by the Department of Communication Studies, the Beautiful Social Award for Civic Engagement is presented to a graduating senior who has served as a Student Consultant for at least one semester but has not served as a Foley Fellow. The Student must have shown leadership as a Consultant that went beyond what is expected for Consultants and left a lasting impact on Beautiful Social. The Student must also have dedicated a significant part of their time and energy to civic engagement beyond what they complete as part of their courses and in such a way that builds lasting relationships with the individuals and communities with whom they work.

Students will be nominated and voted on by faculty in the Department of Communication Studies. If no student is nominated or no student secures a majority of votes, the award will not be given.

Award Winners

2017: Danielle Godfrey (Award Statement by Bill Wolff [.pdf])
2018: Sophia Galvan (Award Statement by Bill Wolff [.pdf])