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Developed as a result of an educational reform movement in 1995, Big Picture Philadelphia is part of the Big Picture Learning network and functions as an educational nonprofit. The local organization was founded in 2008 and has the goal of providing a high school education to underserved  youth in and around the Philadelphia area. Big Picture Philadelphia strives to help students gain the tools they need to succeed in both their future career endeavors and in life.

Challenge: How can we help Big Picture build an online presence and gain attention from the outside community?

Our task as a group was to help Big Picture attract future students and donors to help continue their work. The organization has promotional content on their website, consisting of photos and the option to give donations. To raise more awareness about Big Picture, the idea of creating a video for them was posed.

We also soon discovered that El Centro de Estudiantes did not have much social media content. There was occasional activity on Facebook and Instagram, but there was not a level of consistency regarding regular posts. To help Big Picture acquire future donors and prospective students, building an online presence was something we thought could help.

Strategic Thinking

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As consultants for the Beautiful Social Research Collaborative, it is our mission to create interaction between our community partner and the surrounding community. Big Picture Philadelphia wanted to bring a centralized awareness to their program at El Centro de Estudiantes. To create this engagement, we created a video to highlight the personal stories of a student, teacher, and principal from the program.

Since Big Picture’s social media platforms were underutilized, we also needed to remedy this. Some points of our social media analysis focus on creating templates for Big Picture Philadelphia to use as a format for their Facebook and Instagram profiles. In using these social media platforms, current and future students, teachers, and donors would have remote access and the opportunity to engage in a different atmosphere.


For the completion of the project, we provided Big Picture Philadelphia with a social media analysis and a video showcasing their organization at El Centro. In our first meeting, Big Picture introduced us to their work and the internship program. In our second meeting, we met with Big Picture at an internship site to learn more about the program and discuss ideas for our video. After several months of communication, meetings, hard work and running ideas by each other, we were able to successfully deliver the end results of our project to Big Picture Philadelphia.

Our hope for the social media analysis is that it helps Big Picture to improve their social media presence and build an awareness of the great work they do. For the video, the organization can use it as a tool market their school, students, and dedicated staff to both prospective students and benefactors.