Community Partner:

TechActivist is a nonprofit organization that works to educate and mobilize populations of people that have faced oppression due to race, ethnicity, gender or sexuality. Idalin Bobé the founder of the group started TechActivist in 2014 after the protests in Ferguson MO. Bobé saw that technology played a large part in isolating minority groups and from there decided to start doing workshops. Currently, the group does workshops on coding, data analytics, graphic design, steps to success, politics and many others. TechActivist does collect donations in the form of actual money donations and also laptops to give to youth learning to use technology. The group plans on starting a Tech Warrior fellowship for a select few members of the group to go more in depth with learning aspects of technology and being the collaborators with the founders of the nonprofit.  

How can we create a presentation for Idalin to share with future donors to that best represents the organization?

TechActivist.Org came to Beautiful Social with the idea of creating a sponsor deck that can be shared with potential donors to the Tech Warrior Fellowship. Their main task for us was to take the sponsor deck that Idalin started and revamp it to make it more visually stimulating and to best represent and share the mission of the organization. The sponsor deck that Idalin started with lacked graphics and interesting ways to engage with potential donors. Our goal was to create two sponsor decks one that was more radical and another that was more conservative. We believed that both decks would be beneficial to spark interest and grow support for the organization.  

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Strategic Thinking:

In order to begin this project, we felt the need to first research what a successful slide deck looked like, looking at various TED talk slides. From here we wanted to have a face to face meeting with Idalin to better understand her expectations for us for this project. Coming out of the meeting we made the decision that it would be most effective if we made both a conservative sponsor deck for those who may not be as comfortable with how radical the organization can get at times and then a radical deck for sponsors who feel more comfortable with ideas like the black panther party.

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After meeting with Idalin we decided to divide the sponsorship deck work into two decks: Radical and Conservative, and two of us working on each deck. We went back and forth with the deck she previously made and used it as a guide in order to have an idea of what fits best with TechActivist. After sending Idalin the first draft, we got constructive feedback that made us decide to switch to one deck (the radical deck) instead of working with two decks at the same time. Moreover, this allowed the four of us to focus on one thing and work together to build a good image. This was our idea from the very beginning: to help as much as we can with the organization, but, as mentioned before, staying on track with what our community partner wants.

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