Community Partner:

TechActivist.Org is a nonprofit organization that works to educate and mobilize populations of people that have faced oppression due to race, ethnicity, gender or sexuality. Idalin Bobé the founder of the group started TechActivist in 2014 after the protests in Ferguson MO. Bobé saw that technology played a large part in isolating minority groups and from there decided to start organizing workshops. Currently, her organization hosts workshops on coding, data analytics, graphic design, steps to success, and politics. TechActivist.Org collects cash donations and laptops to give to youth learning to use technology. The group is starting a Tech Warrior Fellowship in order to financially support and guide young activists who express interest in learning technical skills to advance change.


What kind of slide deck presentation will best attract

future donors to Sponsor the Tech Warrior Fellowships? 

TechActivist.Org came to Beautiful Social with the idea of creating a sponsor deck that can be shared with potential donors to the Tech Warrior Fellowship. Their main task for us was to take the sponsor deck that Bobé had already started and revamp it to make it more visually engaging and to best represent the mission of her organization. After meeting with Bobé we realized that our goal was to create two different sponsor decks to visually appeal to two different kinds of donors. One sponsor deck needed to be more radical (mentioning the Black Panther Party and social justice, for example) and the other deck needed to be more conservative (focusing on education and access, for example). We believed that both sponsor decks would be beneficial to spark interest and grow support for the organization.  

Screen Shot 2019-04-23 at 2.57.27 PM.png
Screen Shot 2019-04-23 at 2.56.52 PM.png

Strategic Thinking:

From here we had a face to face meeting with Bobé to better understand her expectations for this project. Coming out of the meeting we made the decision that it would be most effective if we made both a conservative sponsor deck and a radical deck to appeal to her two different kind of potential sponsors. Then we began researching what successful sponsor deck looked like, looking at literature, white papers, and actual sponsorship deck examples from TEDx and Eventbrite. We also read SlideDocs: Spread Ideas with Effective Visual Documents by Nancy Duarte to better understand how to use visuals persuasively in our slide decks. We built our slide decks in Powerpoint and Google Slides. We used free vector graphics from the Noun Project.

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Screen Shot 2019-04-23 at 2.57.43 PM.png


We spent about two months working on the two sponsor decks. Both decks went through massive revision based on feedback from TechActivist.Org. Here is part of our revision checklist:


After careful revision, we eventually created two dynamic visual presentations, one radical and one conservative, which Bobé can use to promote the Tech Warrior Fellowships. The two slide decks serve the needs of our partner’s two distinct audiences and use creative visualization and brand strategy to communicate her message.

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