Community Partner

This semester, we worked with The Malchus Project, previously known as Philadelphia Catholics for Fewer Guns. We worked directly with founder, Nancy Grogan, who lives in the area and has previously worked with several other non profits.  After a large number of shootings in our country, in particular the Parkland shooting, she felt emotionally impacted and decided she wanted to get her message out against these school shootings. This led Nancy to start her own cause and organization, Philadelphia Catholics for Fewer Guns.  Nancy herself feels connected to the Catholic church and knows that many look to it in a time of need after tragedies, such as a shooting. She was puzzled as to why the church doesn’t speak up on the matter even though many lives are constantly being taken through gun violence. She realized that the church taking a stand on an issue such as gun control could cause outrage within the Catholic community.  Thus, Nancy created this organization, now known as The Malchus Project, to take the teaching of the catholic church and connect these teachings with the laws of the church in hopes of reducing the availability of firearms. The organization serves the Catholic community as well as those outside of it.


Over our time working with Nancy and The Malchus Project, we were very involved with developing a new brand image for the nonprofit. We first analyzed her website, which was previously known as Philadelphia Catholics for Fewer Guns, and evaluated what needed revision. Shortly after the name change to The Malchus Project, we began to work creatively, establishing a new image for the organization. With inspiration and feedback from Nancy, we began creating various logos. We established one main circular logo, as well as an alternate logo that could be used in scenarios where the main looked flushed out against dark backgrounds.



From here we began to research and quote statistics on gun violence, then used this information to create infographics promoting the organization and to spread awareness about the organization itself. We created several different infographics using Canva, an online tool which gives the user the ability to create professional-looking visuals. We superimposed the logos on these infographics and made a folder of them for The Malchus Project to use with their discretion.


We also created a campus flyer that could be shared both through social media and through physical copies around campuses to spread awareness of the organization and its cause. Next, we went online to gather photos in addition to taking our own that we felt promoted the image that the organization was aiming to achieve. These were organized into one cohesive image bank to be used at the discretion of The Malchus Project and give their team the means to create their own content. The last aspect we worked on was the Wordpress Workshop. We utilized Powerpoint to recap what we have done thus far, as well as to outline all of the steps that we took with Nancy through our workshop. Further, we also worked with Nancy through the programs, such as Wordpress and Facebook, and taught her how to use many of the tools. Thus, Nancy will be able to utilize these programs to ensure that she is able to continue to create content on her own in the future.

Strategic Thinking

Our process began when we consulted our community partner, Nancy, and she explained the purpose and background of the nonprofit. Nancy gave her insight on how she would like the online identity of the nonprofit to look, the changes she wanted to see, as well as the image that she wished to see maintained on her website and Facebook page. This consultation as well as class exercises, such as the golden circle exercise, helped our team to know how to go about our creative work in a way that would best portray the nonprofit’s mission. Some of our goals when creating the image bank, infographics, logos, and flyers, were to not only make them visually compelling and align with the Malchus Project mission, but also give the web pages more consistency and originality. Thus, each aspect of the creative work either had the Malchus Project logo or the name somewhere within the design. We knew from our knowledge of social media and online marketing that brand recognition and association is imperative if any kind of company or organization has the intent of building up their following. One of Nancy’s goals was to build up her following on Facebook and make the message of The Malchus Project known, so we knew what should be done creatively in order to accomplish these kinds of goals.

Screen Shot 2019-04-14 at 11.25.44 PM.png


During our Wordpress workshop with Nancy, we showed her the work that we created for her website, as well as her Facebook page. She is not active on Instagram or Twitter yet but we have discussed creating these accounts with Nancy. We showed her the new logo with the new organization name, The Malchus Project, as well as the various infographics, poster, and image bank. Further, we presented Nancy numerous tutorials during our workshop with her, such as: changing the Facebook name from Philadelphia Catholics for Fewer Guns to The Malchus Project, uploading a new profile picture with The Malchus Project Logo, presented and shared image bank with Nancy, taught Nancy how to use Canva (to make infographics, posters, etc.), presented reclaim hosting tutorial, explained the purpose of creative commons for pictures and posts, and linked Facebook to Wordpress via a Simple Facebook Plugin on Wordpress.

Screen Shot 2019-04-15 at 2.48.31 PM.png
Screen Shot 2019-04-15 at 10.50.20 AM.png

Unfortunately, due to the Facebook name change process, Nancy had to change a few things on her Facebook page in order to create a cohesive identity with the name Philadelphia Catholics for Fewer Guns until the name change is finalized. However, we hope that when the Facebook name change goes through, Nancy will be able to continue to create a cohesive brand with her name, The Malchus Project.