Community partner:

Our community partner was Lifting up Camden’s Youth (LUCY Outreach). LUCY Outreach is a program in Camden, NJ committed to engaging at-risk youth in programming and positive activities while forming relationships with one another. They host a variety of programs which serve over 400 youth each year. These programs consist of after school help, LUCY Littles, youth nights, college and career prep, an LGBTQ program, and field trips. Staff and volunteers at LUCY run these programs with the goals of educational, social, cultural, and service-oriented development.



Our challenge with LUCY was to collaborate with the organization’s plan to create a 3D blueprint of their new building additions. The goal was to get action shots of the youth so that they can be photoshopped by an architect and placed into a 3D blueprint of the new LUCY campus. With this, the 3D photo blueprint will engage donors and get youth excited about future events. On top of this, we also took new headshots for their database service, Salesforce. This way, they can create more content to show donors and other people invested in LUCY as well as having updated photos so that new volunteers and staff know who each youth is. Our research question was, “How can we better improve engagement?” so collaborating on this blueprint will give them more opportunities to engage with people.

Screen Shot 2019-04-23 at 2.59.46 PM.png

Strategic thinking:

Most of our photos for the 3D blueprint feature LUCY participants because we wanted to mirror LUCY’s focus on their youth. The photos we took were all full body shots in various positions, rather than just people standing. These could then be manipulated in Photoshop to show people doing different activities in the 3D blueprint. For example, a participant sitting on a bench watching others play basketball could be edited to be sitting on a newly-built bench in the 3D blueprint. We also took photos of people playing football which can be used to show people running around excitedly at the new building. We photographed people standing and talking to each other so as to showcase the social aspect of LUCY and its future plans. Some pictures show people looking directly at the camera and some pictures were candid with the subject turned sideways or looking elsewhere. The variety of positions and a combination of posed and candid people will make the 3D blueprint look more natural and lively.



The primary result of our partnership with LUCY was a collection of ID photos for the youth as well as a set of action photos to be used on the digital blueprint for their new facilities. The photos will allow for a more seamless check-in process for LUCY as the organization continues to evolve. Additionally, the blueprint photos give life to LUCY’s exciting new plans, granting the youth an opportunity to get involved with the process. The Beautiful Social Research Collaborative generated 30 high-resolution photos for the blueprint- these photos were taken on-site and are full body shots. B: Social produced 19 ID photos and 89 pieces of raw footage for LUCY to use as they wish. LUCY’s goal is to use the raw footage intermittently on social media and in future products as deemed appropriate.