Community Partner

The Bridge of Books Foundation aims to provide books to underserved communities in New Jersey and support the development of literacy skills. With the help of the founder Abby Daly, the foundation hopes to encourage a love of reading and give children “books to call their own.” Bridge of Books seeks to bridge the gap between book rich and book poor communities by encouraging donation and fundraising through social media and community participation.



In order to convey the most meaningful message possible to their audience, the Bridge of Books foundation required new graphics and videos for their social media accounts. Before this could be done, we had to analyze the organization’s digital strategy. Thus, a Social Media Analysis was formed, to show what needs to be done to strengthen their online presence. We traveled to Maurice River Township Elementary School to conduct an interview with students affected by the books, as well as the principle of the school Wally Kapaler. A video capturing the foundation’s book donation process was created to show the public how Bridge of Books directly impacts communities with their donations.

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Strategic Thinking

In order to choose strategies that will best help Bridge of Books improve their social media presence, we looked at theories by John Hlinko, Gary Vaynerchuk, Aaker and Smith, and Jedidyah Jenkins. Through researching how these thinkers analyze how social media engagement works, we were able to understand multiple changes that Bridge of Books can implement to transform their online presence. One: find their “mega-multipliers,” two: produce content with emotional pulls, three: have self awareness and post native content, and four: compose thoughtful captions to accompany their photos. Bridge of Books will also benefit from a promotional video interview with communities they have impacted created using oral history techniques. The goal was to define specific ways in which Bridge of Books can promote their cause and we embodied those strategies in all the content we produced.



After recognizing strengths and weaknesses within the foundation, we were able to create multiple products to benefit and promote the organization's marketing, branding, and social media strategy. The Social Media Analysis encouraged more engagement from the public by noting when the most active times are for posting online.The video portrays the reactions from some of the children who have benefited from the foundation’s actions, showing that this organization has effectively reached its goal. Not only does it communicate the program’s mission statement, but evokes emotion and encouragement from its audience as well. We used social media graphics and video content to strengthen the Bridge of Books brand. This allowed Bridge of Books to have a stronger online presence and increase their community engagement.