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What It Means to "B-Social"

  As I begin my third semester working with the Beautiful Social enterprise, I’ve been reflecting on what it really means to be social across social media platforms and in working with our client organizations. The name of our enterprise began as “Beautiful Social,” but has slowly been shortened to B-Social over time. I think this shortened version of our name is fitting, due to the fact that “being social” is the very thing we are promoting. Therefore, some of our fellows and consultants have come up with a few ideas as to what our enterprise promotes; what we believe it means to truly “B-Social”:

“Being social is about taking the opportunity to help others. It’s doing this not only because you want some sort of reward from building the relationship, but because you’re in a position to help others better their lives and their organizations. No matter how big or small that impact may be, it’s worth making it.”

- Mike Chmielewski ‘15


“In a time where there are a lot of complaints on the impact technology has on human relations, B-Social has opened an opportunity for students to prove this idea wrong. Through the use of technology and digital media platforms, we are able to share messages of kindness throughout web 2.0 communities. It's all about creating relationships between these nonprofit organizations and their current and potential followers.”

- Nicole Enderica, ‘16




“Social media is like a river. You can encounter the river in one of two ways. The first is to float lazily down it, bumping into other users, casually interacting at the river’s leisure. The second is to build bridges across the river. In essence, the latter allows for the more beneficial cultivation of relationships that ought to be fostered via social media. Otherwise, it’s utterly useless.”

- Jack Viere, ‘15


“In order to ‘B Social’, one needs to think about more than just putting their ideas and information on the Internet. It is more than just giving, but receiving and engaging. Through personal experience and studying different uses of platforms, it seems to be a trend that users think that they will be successful with just tweeting or posting on Facebook without actually engaging other users.”

- Piper Bateman, ‘17


“I believe that to be social, an organization must listen, explore, and then, finally, engage. I think it’s important to listen to what those around you are saying on social media, both about your organization and about ideas and events that may pertain to your organization. It’s important to explore on each social media platform, so that you are able to engage in conversation with both individual users and other organizations. This way, you can create meaningful ties and relationships across platforms."

- Samantha DiGiuseppe, ‘16