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Reflections From #TeamAlphaBravoCanine Consultants

#TeamAlphaBravoCanine spent their semester creating an engaging and interactive website for their client. They wanted to share their final reflections on their experience here: “Beautiful Social is more than a class. It is a collaborative opportunity in which we put theory into motion. We were faced with the challenge of creating a website from scratch and working with a newly established nonprofit. Working with a nonprofit has been a truly rewarding experience. I became a part of two of the most crucial aspects of a business - the online digital branding and social media strategy.

Team Alpha Bravo Canine established a website, captured event photos, created a social media calendar, and learned about the importance of nonprofit work. I enjoyed working closely with Jennifer and Kevin (founders of Alpha Bravo Canine), learning about their passions of helping veterans and training service dogs.  Overall, I enjoyed working together as a team and creating a fully functioning and informational website  for our client, Alpha Bravo Canine.”

- Kailee Fisher '16


“Something I loved about Beautiful Social was the opportunity to work with an organization that had a mission I felt personally connected to. Both of my grandfathers are veterans and I currently have a friend who will be joining the military after she is finished with school. That being said, it meant a lot to work with an organization that gives back to those who do so much for our country.

Before B-Social, I was aware of PTSD but I had no idea how prevalent the issue is. Working with Alpha Bravo Canine made me so much more aware of the difficult reality veterans face upon returning home. I love how part of the website we created was dedicated to education about Post Traumatic Stress Disorder and Traumatic Brain Injuries. This can be beneficial not only for those with PTSD and TBI’s, but for their friends and families as well. It is not enough to simply know that these exist. If someone identifies with the symptoms or has a friend they feel falls into one or both of the categories, I am very proud of the fact that we have made resources available to those who are struggling.

- Danielle D'Achille '17


“Beautiful Social added meaning to my weekly class schedule. Working with Beatiful Social gave me the opportunity to apply things I learned in class with a real life organization. Working with Alpha Bravo Canine allowed me to feel like I made a difference this semester. Our overall product had a real life impact that no “A+” or “B-” could ever validate. We created a website that will hopefully give others the chance to support this nonprofit and get involved. This experience empowered me as a college student to not be afraid to run meetings and guide a nonprofit in the right direction. Ultimately, it made me feel as though what we did as a group will help the lives of our veterans.”

- Colleen Baltosvki '17



What It Means to "B-Social"

  As I begin my third semester working with the Beautiful Social enterprise, I’ve been reflecting on what it really means to be social across social media platforms and in working with our client organizations. The name of our enterprise began as “Beautiful Social,” but has slowly been shortened to B-Social over time. I think this shortened version of our name is fitting, due to the fact that “being social” is the very thing we are promoting. Therefore, some of our fellows and consultants have come up with a few ideas as to what our enterprise promotes; what we believe it means to truly “B-Social”:

“Being social is about taking the opportunity to help others. It’s doing this not only because you want some sort of reward from building the relationship, but because you’re in a position to help others better their lives and their organizations. No matter how big or small that impact may be, it’s worth making it.”

- Mike Chmielewski ‘15


“In a time where there are a lot of complaints on the impact technology has on human relations, B-Social has opened an opportunity for students to prove this idea wrong. Through the use of technology and digital media platforms, we are able to share messages of kindness throughout web 2.0 communities. It's all about creating relationships between these nonprofit organizations and their current and potential followers.”

- Nicole Enderica, ‘16




“Social media is like a river. You can encounter the river in one of two ways. The first is to float lazily down it, bumping into other users, casually interacting at the river’s leisure. The second is to build bridges across the river. In essence, the latter allows for the more beneficial cultivation of relationships that ought to be fostered via social media. Otherwise, it’s utterly useless.”

- Jack Viere, ‘15


“In order to ‘B Social’, one needs to think about more than just putting their ideas and information on the Internet. It is more than just giving, but receiving and engaging. Through personal experience and studying different uses of platforms, it seems to be a trend that users think that they will be successful with just tweeting or posting on Facebook without actually engaging other users.”

- Piper Bateman, ‘17


“I believe that to be social, an organization must listen, explore, and then, finally, engage. I think it’s important to listen to what those around you are saying on social media, both about your organization and about ideas and events that may pertain to your organization. It’s important to explore on each social media platform, so that you are able to engage in conversation with both individual users and other organizations. This way, you can create meaningful ties and relationships across platforms."

- Samantha DiGiuseppe, ‘16





  Hello, and welcome to Beautiful Social! We are so excited that you are interested in our enterprise. Beautiful Social is a digital media collaborative directed by the Communication and Digital Media Department, at St. Joseph's University. We are a group of digital media students who have a passion to work with nonprofit and community-based organizations, and to assist them in creating a connection with their client base. In the past four years, we've worked with over 45 organizations, offering web 2.0 consultancy, social media training, and community management, free of charge. We are constantly working with new clients, so drop us a line on our home page if you are interested in working with us!

This semester, we will be blogging about our journeys, as we work with our current clients: Project Home, Young and Involved Philadelphia, and Birchrun Hills Farms. Each of these organizations offers us a unique experience, so follow along as we collaborate toward positive social change!